Thursday, August 25, 2011

School............................ :( But New Painting!

School started today. Or yesterday. Depends on when you read this post. It wasn't that bad, just a rude awakening...literally. It's not that easy getting up early after a summer that felt waaay to short. It is nice though to see all the girls again. :)

AK&E came here just a few days before I started. We've had a good time with them. E likes to go to the park and swing and go down the slides. We gave her some of my old dinosaurs and other toys and she loves to play with them. Especially the dinosaurs.

New painting!!!!

Mountains and trees and stuff on a painted wood background.

You can see someone skiing down the mountain. That's an avalanche following him by the way. 

That's about it.

Thanks for following.

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  1. Great painting Dude! Each one keeps getting better and better. You are developing a really unique style (just like your writing).

    Sounds like school wasn't too bad - just a really short summer.

    The dinosaurs were a really big hit! She loves them - especially the little baby ones.