Monday, August 1, 2011

Quote of the Day 8/1

The QOTD today comes from a song by the Dave Matthews Band.

"I aint waiting for the world to change. Let me change the world for you."

I wanted to do this one a while ago but I would have forgotten the previous one.

I hope you don't expect a post like this everyday. That would be just too much work to cope with. 

Happy August everybody!

Every day is one day closer to school. :(

Goodbye from the schoolward Blogmaster.



  1. Great quote - must remember that one. Admit it, you are secretly ready for school to start. You are really looking forward to it.

  2. No I'm not! You just think I am.

  3. I was thinking Dude - this quote reminds me of one of Fom's old 'pick-up chick' lines. Hmmmm!