Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Greetings from Sunny CA

Well its sunny here in California…unless it’s cloudy, which makes no sense. If it’s called sunny CA, then it should never be cloudy. But what happens happens. I can’t wait to get home to the temperatures in the hundreds (insert sarcasm hither!!!!).

Since we’ve been having all these natural disasters lately, the weather in the states has been messed up. Last month, there was a tornado in Massachusetts and lots more in other different places before then. Here in California, we are having nice weather. It’s in the 70s or 80s everyday and the sun comes out from the marine layer (clouds, for those of you who don’t know. They blow in from in the ocean) about noon and everything is awesome. Back home, however, the temperatures are in the high 90s and even in the 100s.
So I’m here laughing mom and dad because they are suffering in the heat. But I have to go back in a bit.

I’ve not been very true to the blog name. I am more of a writer than I am of a painter. I’ve just shown you paintings and not told you anything about the other side of my life. By the way, I have two new paintings that I need to show you. Writing is just as much fun as painting, I do believe. The end of the school year two years ago, I won best in county in the Young Author’s Awards for the first book I started writing. Since then, I’ve written over 70 pages on a book that I like more than the first one. I’m hoping to finish that one and get it published and make some money.

I can’t put pictures of California up on the blog yet because my phone and my computer are not in a good relationship right now. I don’t know what’s up between them, but I’ll straighten the two of them out by the time I blog again.

Thanks for listening.