Monday, April 11, 2011

I Havent Blogged for a While. I Think I Forgot how...

The musical was great, thanks for asking. We had great fun putting it on. Each night the cast went to greet the crowd and people all around me were saying things like, "Great job!" and, "That was great. I really liked it when..." It made me feel good.

Can you hear that? I think it's the new painting alarm. So here it is.

Do you like it? Of course you do. You're supposed to.

I took some pictures of Toby (dog) today. He was being silly and I was messing around with my phone and I decided to catch him in the act.

Here he is jumping up on my chair.

Here he is trying to scare me (while still up on the chair). I think he wanted me to get off and write on my blog.

Here he is giving me the evil eye. I think he was tired of staying still. He showed this by moving during the next few pictures that I took. As I write, he has come down with a case of the hiccups. It's kinda funny.

If you haven't noticed already, I've changed the look of the blog. If you don't like it, please tell me and I'll change it back.

Last time I blogged, it was spring. Now it's about 86 degrees outside. I've mowed two lawns the past two days. That's just the way it is in Carolina.

So much for forgetting how to blog.
Aloha oe; until I blog again.


  1. Dude! I've been waiting for a new blog now that the musical is over. How did you get Toby to stay so still for those pictures? Love the new painting; it's one of my favorites.

  2. Good posting (and great picture by the way). I like the new blog look(but I also liked the old one). I like the new survey - I am thinking about my answer. These things are not easy, you know. I have to think through all the ramifications of my answer. I think I was alone in my answer to the last survey.

    Hugs - Me