Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seeing Through Foggy Glasses

Ah springtime...the time to look outside and sigh because it is so pretty. The sunshine shone through the trees today when I got home from musical practice. Although the sun was out, it was still kind of chilly. My glasses fogged up today when I was laughing while hanging outside in the school courtyard so you know it had to be cold.

I took some really awesome pictures with my phone. I would like to share them with you. My mother told me she would like some pictures of the trees outside so I did. The sun was going down and I took some pictures of the sunset.

The first two pictures I took were of the sunset and a tree in the background.

The sun shining through the trees was the most amazing picture ever.

The next pictures were of trees.

Yeah. Trees. Boring. But these are awesome pictures! These next pictures are of the sunset. It was so pretty today that I could not resist taking pictures of it.

This sunset is really awesome. I think that the black and white picture is the best one yet.

These pictures are of the clouds reflecting the sunlight. The colors are really nice.

These picture are of my dog. His name is Toby. These are the best pictures I've ever taken of him. He never stays still enough to get good pictures of him so when he did, I took advantage of the opportunity.

Well it's obvious it's springtime. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
See y'all later.


  1. Amazing pictures,Dude-sky. When are you going to send them to me to catalog? I'd like to see the pictures of our trees when we first moved in compared to how they look now, four years later. They've probably grown just as much as you have!

  2. Well my boy - you brought tears to my eyes - great photos, well done. You just continue to amaze me. How did you get Toby to be this still - is he alive or stuffed?

    Many, many hugs!!!