Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Painting Has Appeared

This Saturday I took a Bob Ross painting class. I really like to do these because it expresses my creativity and it's just an all around fun thing to do. The instructor, Kim, is very helpful and kind and all of the people in the class are really nice. Most of the people are...older, and predominantly female. I am about one of only three guys that attend the class. We all good friends there.

The painting we did was called "Cypress Creek."

I think it's beautiful. What do you think? Post a comment.

Every month, at the local AC Moore, I take a class like this. I wake up on Saturday all excited and get all of my painting supplies and lunch that was prepared the night before. The class starts at ten in the morning and I have to leave the house at 9:10 to get there and set up on time. The class usually ends around 4 pm. By then I have created a masterpiece the likes of which I have yet to show you.

Sooner or later, it gets framed and gets hung up around the house or at the grandparent's. Then everybody gets to see it and say how good it looks and I feel very proud.

Hasta la later,


  1. It is a beautiful painting. You sure have a nice mother who so graciously gets up early on Saturdays to take you to art class.

  2. Your talent just continues to amaze me. (I like the little ducky in this one.) I think this one is so different in the colors and the theme. I don't think I have a favorite, but this is close to it.

  3. I thought it was better than a ducky.