Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How's The Weather?

It's winter here in North Carolina. It's been a strange year for weather throughout the entire country. The summer was scorching hot and the winter has been weird. It could be below freezing one day and then be above 70 the next. It has just started to get warm again, getting into the mid 60s and 70s. It's weird for winter because winter is supposed to be, well, cold. It has been so warm that the flowers outside our house have started to bloom.

It's beautiful to see color among such dullness. It's a reminder that the winter only lasts so long before the spring comes. I took my dog for a walk today because it was so nice. I could not do that about a week ago.

It snowed here a few times this winter. We are far enough south that we don't get much snow. When we do, everything is closed for just the slightest bit. School was cancelled for a whole week because of one snowfall. We only got about 3-5 inches.

It's going to be warmer here this next week than it will be in California. I don't think it's Global Warming we should be worried about. I think it's actually Global Cooling.

Don't touch that dial! I'll be right back (in about a week or so).


  1. Awesome blog, Dude! I can hardly wait to read more. And the picture of the crocus turned out really nicely. Spring is almost here :)

  2. Did you take the photo? If so, you should add photographer to your list of many talents.