Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Painting Has Appeared

This Saturday I took a Bob Ross painting class. I really like to do these because it expresses my creativity and it's just an all around fun thing to do. The instructor, Kim, is very helpful and kind and all of the people in the class are really nice. Most of the people are...older, and predominantly female. I am about one of only three guys that attend the class. We all good friends there.

The painting we did was called "Cypress Creek."

I think it's beautiful. What do you think? Post a comment.

Every month, at the local AC Moore, I take a class like this. I wake up on Saturday all excited and get all of my painting supplies and lunch that was prepared the night before. The class starts at ten in the morning and I have to leave the house at 9:10 to get there and set up on time. The class usually ends around 4 pm. By then I have created a masterpiece the likes of which I have yet to show you.

Sooner or later, it gets framed and gets hung up around the house or at the grandparent's. Then everybody gets to see it and say how good it looks and I feel very proud.

Hasta la later,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How's The Weather?

It's winter here in North Carolina. It's been a strange year for weather throughout the entire country. The summer was scorching hot and the winter has been weird. It could be below freezing one day and then be above 70 the next. It has just started to get warm again, getting into the mid 60s and 70s. It's weird for winter because winter is supposed to be, well, cold. It has been so warm that the flowers outside our house have started to bloom.

It's beautiful to see color among such dullness. It's a reminder that the winter only lasts so long before the spring comes. I took my dog for a walk today because it was so nice. I could not do that about a week ago.

It snowed here a few times this winter. We are far enough south that we don't get much snow. When we do, everything is closed for just the slightest bit. School was cancelled for a whole week because of one snowfall. We only got about 3-5 inches.

It's going to be warmer here this next week than it will be in California. I don't think it's Global Warming we should be worried about. I think it's actually Global Cooling.

Don't touch that dial! I'll be right back (in about a week or so).

The Welcoming

Well? Are you there? I know I am. I'm the one who's writing this. My name is Nathaniel. I am a fourteen year old boy with a great deal of interest in writing and I aspire to become a novelist. I also enjoy drawing and painting and I will share with you some of my many creations as time goes on. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Do not try to Twitter me. I do not have a Twitter account. Do not try to find me on Facebook. Social networking is not my type. I will try to make a blog post at least once a week. I hope to see you all later and thank you for reading this blog.